The abstract selection procedure will be carried out by the LIMC organising committee with the help of experienced researchers and professors of the Medical University of Lublin (MUL). The Scientific Sessions will be divided into two sections: Original Research Sessions and Case Report Sessions After the selection procedure is completed, the selected abstracts will be assigned to thematic sessions. The Grand Prix Session will include the best oral presentations from each Original Research Sessions.

Grand Prix Session


The Grand Prix Session of the Conference will include the best oral presentations from each Original Research Sessions. Those presentations will be performed in the main lecture hall, which has a capacity of approximately 300 people. The jury of LIMC 2022 will select and award  the Grand Prix Session presentation with an official Grand Prix Award.


Original Research Session


Original Research presentations will be held in a smaller setting. This allows for plenty of interaction and the opportunity to ask questions. Approximately fifteen research sessions will be held over the first two days. The sessions will be divided into thematic categories. The individual sessions will be supervised by experienced scientists who have a special interest in particular research areas. The first-place winners of each session will have a chance to participate in the Grand Prix session.


Case Report Session


A case report in medicine is defined as a comprehensive report of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of a single patient. During our conference, there will be about five Case Report sessions with interesting patient descriptions. The best presentation from all Case Report sessions, will participate in the Grand Prix session. It will receive the title of the Best Case Report presentation, but will not compete for the Grand Prix award.



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