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1. When can I register? How?


Registration is open now. The corresponding registration form you can find on our website.


2. When is the deadline for sending in an abstract?


December 22th is the last day, when you can provide abstracts.





1. How much time do I have for my presentation and what time is designed for discussion?


Original Papers: The presentation should last no longer than 7 minutes. There is 3 minutes designed for discussion. 

Case Report: The presentation should last no longer than 5 minutes. There is 2 minutes designed for discussion.

Poster session: The presentation should last no longer than 4 minutes. There is 1 minutes designed for discussion.


2. Can co-authors present my work?


Only first author can present his/her work.


3. How many abstracts can I submit?


Each participant may be an author or co-author in up to three works but will be able to present only those that receive a positive jury`s opinion.


4. Will everyone present at the conference will receive a certificate of participation?


Yes, active participants will receive certificate of participation with the title of presented work and the names of authors. Passive participants will receive certificates of attendance.


5. What can I present online?

Only orginal research and case report can be present online




1. What is the conference fee?


The conference fee is: 
165 PLN/38 Euro – active participation stationary, 
70 PLN/16 Euro – active participation on-line, 
30 PLN/7 Euro - passive+workshops participation 
150 PLN/35 Euro – banquet fee, 
Passive participation is free of charge.
*Extra price:
    270 PLN/62 Euro – active participation stationary + banquet
    135 PLN/31 Euro - passive+workshops participation + banquet

Passive participation is free of charge.



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