Registation for workshops starts on 23.11 at 5.00 p.m. (UTC+1) we are starting with registration for our workshops! You have a variety of choices:
Surgical suturing - 29.11 15.15-16.15 and 16.30-17.30
Lung USG - 29.11 15.15-16.15 and 16.30-17.30
Intubation - 29.11 15.00-16.30 and 16.30-18.00
USG 29.11 15.15-16.15 and 16.30-17.30
Workshops „They’ll take me to Tworki soon” 29.11 11.30-13.00 (only in polish)
Plastering 30.11 09.00-10.00 and 10.15-11.15
Scientific writing and publishing - make sure you do it properly 30.11 9.00-10.30
Samples for microbiological investigation 30.11 11.00-12.30

We will publish an e-mail for registration on our Facebook page, stay tuned!





 ALS workshops

ALS (Advanced Life Support)

The ALS workshops provide a standardized approach to cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults. The ALS workshops aims to train candidates to identify the causes of cardiac arrest, recognize patients in danger of deterioration, and manage both the cardiac arrest and the 'peri-arrest' problems encountered in the first hour or so after initial resuscitation from a cardiac arrest. Using simulator you can try to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, fluid resuscitation and using simple diagnostic procedure. The workshops comprises.   

   -   Patient interview

   -   CPR

   -   Skill stations

   -   Simulation training

ITLS workshops

ITLS (International Trauma Life Support)

ITLS focuses on the special needs of trauma patients. You will learn the principles of proper assessment, management, critical interventions, patient packaging, and rapid transport. You also will practice proven techniques for communicating with trauma patients. The practical skills you gain will enable you to feel confident and competent when you care for a critically injured patient. What to expect:

    -   Patient assessment and management

    -   Airway management and thoracic trauma

    -   Fluid resuscitation

    -   Spinal motion restriction and extrication

Surgical Suturing workshops

Surgical Suturing

Are you interested in surgery, but you never tried to suture a wound before? Don’t worry, during this workshop you will learn the basics of surgical equipment and skills every beginner should know! We invite all of the students who already started their clinical rotations to join our workshop! It will consist of a short lecture and a practical part with lots of useful sutures and techniques, which you may need in your future medical career! Workshops cover

    -   Interrupted suture

   -   Horizontal and vertical mattress suture

   -   Sub-cuticular suture

   -   How to tie a range of surgical knots including the basic instrument knot.


Radiology workshops


The modern practice of radiology involves several different healthcare professions working as a team. The Radiologist is a medical doctor who has completed the appropriate post-graduate training and interprets medical images, communicates these findings to other physicians by means of a report and/or verbally, and uses imaging to perform minimally invasive medical procedures. Workshops compromise:

   -   Ultrasonography

   -   Clinical cases

   -   Computer tomography scans





„They’ll take me to Tworki soon” - how to deal with Psychiatric patient.[only in Polish]

,,Zaraz odwiozą mnie do Tworek!” czyli kilka słów o tym, jak radzić sobie z pacjentami psychiatrycznymi na SOR.[only in Polish]

Podczas warsztatu spróbujemy odpowiedzieć sobie na pytanie o to, jak pomóc choremu, który oprócz objawów somatycznych prezentuje objawy psychiatryczne. Dowiemy się także jakimi lekami dysponujemy w oddziale ratunkowym oraz jak kierować na konsultacje psychiatryczną, żeby nie zdenerwować pacjenta (i psychiatry). Pogadamy o pacjentach ,,VIP” i o tym czy ,,nie ma medycyny bez hydroksyzyny”. Zastanowimy się też, czy pomoc przy dojściu do karetki to już przymus bezpośredni. A wszystko to w towarzystwie młodej lekarki i jej branżowych anegdot (tylko przyzwoitych).



Transthoracic lung ultrasound – workshop

Transthoracic lung ultrasound is ultrasonographic assessment of the lungs, parietal and visceral pleura and the space between these two membranes. In the recent years, lung ultrasound has been conducted more and more frequently. It enables bedside assessment of patients without exposing them to ionizing radiation and it can be repeated many times. Ultrasonography is a highly accurate and inexpensive imaging technique. There are practically no contraindications or serious adverse effects. Moreover, mastering the technique and image interpretation does not take much time.

The workshop reviews the use of ultrasound to identify lung and pleural space abnormalities including pleural effusion, pneumothorax, atelectasis and lung consolidation. The main aim of this workshop is to acquire basic practical skills in the field of lung ultrasound. Attendees will have the opportunity to perform lung ultrasound on live models.



Scientific writing and publishing - make sure you do it properly

During this workshop you will find out how to write and publish a scientific manuscript. The purpose of the meeting is to find out strategies for making your scientific writing more effective. We will talk about the key elements of an article, the most common mistakes, things to avoid, and how to deal with reviews. In the end, we will discuss tips for perfect presentation.



Samples for microbiological investigation

This workshop aims to assist in the development of the knowledge and skills needed

for sample collection for microbiological investigation. We will talk about factors that can affect final results, proper way of samples collection, transportations, and the most common mistakes which happen  in  preanalytical phase.